Cardi B: The Future of Music

Cardi B: The Future of Music

Cardi B represents the future of music.

Here’s how she rose to the top: 

  1. Cardi B saw the potential of reality TV and became a star.
  2. She reverse engineered her “15 minutes of fame" to build an Instagram following of 17 million followers.
  3. She used her following to distribute free mixtapes, which went viral. 

Cardi B’s music is an extension of her quick wit and unique voice. Her first hit song, Foreva was inspired by a TV soundbite. When it went viral, she turned it into a single.

She doesn’t care about “artistic vision.” She shares about what sells. She understands her audience deeply. If a song doesn’t sell, she changes her sound.

Cardi B’s distribution is social, interactive, and participatory. It’s bottom-up, not top down. She’s engineering virality; she’s riding cultural waves; she’s building a vibrant community.

Cardi B is at the forefront of culture.  And now she’s synonymous with it. Music shapes culture - culture shapes music.

Culture used to start on TV and move to social media. Now it starts on social media and moves to TV.

Cardi B gets free distribution from memes on the internet. And she even makes memes of herself. 

Cardi B isn't an "artist" — she’s a personality.

She’s an actor, a marketer and a community builder. Videos of her ranting sometimes go as viral as her music. Personality overshadows everything she does.

Jay-Z once said: “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.” 

Cardi B is no different. She’s built an orchestra of revenue streams. All them work together — in perfect harmony.

Cardi B’s making money moves.