David Perell

Sunil Arora: Two Sides of Success

David Perell
Sunil Arora: Two Sides of Success

In this episode, I interview Sunil Arora, a graduate of University of California at Berkeley where he studied Business and Sociology. He worked for the White House National Economic Council, and received his Masters in Public Administration from Columbia. 

Sunil draws upon a rich life story and experiences in finance, technology start-ups and the public policy space. 

My favorite quotes from the episode:

What are we getting wrong in the way we think about success? 

The way most people think about success now over-indexes on the professional — what you do for a living and how much money you make. Both those things are important and I’m not trying to downplay. But the way we should be thinking about success is in this combination of figuring out who you are and what’s important to you. 

Figuring out all the aspects to your holistic self and thinking about how you’re going to activate them in your pie of energy is how we should be thinking about success in all the different realms of who you are as a person. 

What would you tell college students and young professionals who are anxious about their future?

If you are a educated person growing up and getting your education in a developed economy, it starts with an appreciation that life is fundamentally rigged in your favor. The very fact that you have the opportunity to get a college education or consider one of many fields, which is overwhelming for many people coming out of college and thinking about what they want to do. The very fact that there is that choice and that opportunity is indicative of the fact that life is rigged in your favor. 

What is one piece of wisdom that somebody can implement right now to meaningfully improve their life? 

e kind to yourself and appreciate the journey. Both of those two things are absolute cliches but if you can internalize them in terms of working hard, pushing yourself, and thinking about how you use time, opportunity and where you come from. They are both under the umbrella that life is rigged in your favor.