Skye Cleary: How Should We Love?

Skye Cleary: How Should We Love?

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Why has Simone de Beauvoir resonated with you so much? 

She's probably my favorite. There's something to be said for this foundation for friendship in a love relationship. Beauvoir says that even though we might not be able to achieve perfect harmony in a relationship, we should work for it by striving towards common goals and common causes. She was writing during WWII where she was involved in the resistance and she was working with people in the French Resistance. Finding that common cause or that common goal, even if it's building a family together is a really nice way to look at relationships. 

What is the epistemology of modern love? Where is all this coming from? 

People have always been falling in love for as long as we know. The ancient Egyptians wrote about love on pottery and things like that. If we're talking about romantic love, that's a fairly new concept. Relationships and coupling always used to be arranged. If you were a princess, your parents would find you a prince in a country they wanted an alliance with. It was all about power alliances and wealth and protecting the family. In around the 18th century, industrialization came on the rise and domestic production was less important. Families stopped controlling wealth and corporations started to control wealth. We also had capitalism with brought respect for individual liberties. The need for arranged marriages in the western world became obsolete. People started to choose who they wanted to marry and the people they wanted to marry were the people they were in love with. It's only in the last couple of years that the ideal of romantic love is marriage. 

In this episode, we discuss romantic love in today's world and what society misses when we idealize it. We dive into the philosophy of love, the role of Disney movies and popular culture, and question the institution of marriage. This episode was a success solely because I witnessed an philosopher talking about Tinder, Love Actually, and why Americans buy Valentine's Day gifts for their pets. 

Skye Cleary is a PhD/MBA and author of Existentialism and Romantic LoveShe currently teaches at Columbia University and the City College of New York. Previously, she was an international equity arbitrageur, management consultant, and Lieutenant in the Australian Army Reserves.

As you will discover, Skye is as curious and adventurous as anybody! She has a black belt in taekwondo and loves scuba diving.  She stands up for marine conservation and against palm oil.  Skye misses swimming and diving in Australian water but loves New York City’s icecream and cocktails. Not mixed together. Side-by-side is ideal :) 🍦🍸


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