Meagan Cignoli: How to Be Creative

Meagan Cignoli is the founder and creative director of Visual Country. The company creates animated short videos for the world's leading brands including Pepsi, Starbucks, and Amazon. The videos are mesmerizing! With innovation and originality, Cignoli and her team have won more than 23 advertising awards. 

Meagan has been called the Queen of Branded Vines. When social video first came to mobile phones through Vine and then Instagram, Meagan set aside a successful photography career to dive in headfirst with Visual Country. Today, over one million people follow Meagan across social media channels.

Cignoli was named Digital Entrepreneur of the Year by the Hubbies (2014) and top 100 Creative by Ad Week (2015).

In this interview we dive into her experience growing up on Long Island, where her love for art began when she was young and has evolved ever since. We talked about her experience traveling alone for a month through India and studying in Cuba during the embargo. After listening to the podcast, Meagan will feel like a close friend. 


Favorite Books: 

1. Awaken the Giant Within