Alex Danco: Amazon, Cities, and Disruption

Alex Danco: Amazon, Cities, and Disruption

We recorded this episode in downtown Toronto, where we spoke about all things cities, Silicon Valley, and technology. We begin the conversation by discussing Amazon's organizational structure, how it differs from Google and Apple and what that means for the future of Amazon. Then we talk about technological disruption and how industries shift from scarcity to abundance, and then back to scarcity. We explore the history of cities, and the shift from the past when it was easier to move people than it was to move stuff, to now today when it's easier to move stuff than it is to move people. That single shift speaks volumes about the changing landscape of cities, industries, and society at large. Now, these are my favorite conversations. There's nothing better than reading somebody's work for half a decade and then asking them all the questions you've ever had for them when you meet them for the first time. Please enjoy my conversation with Alex Danco.


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2:11 Amazon's Organizational Structure
4:09 Steve's Google Platform Rant
12:42 AWS & The Government
22:53 Disruption as rearrangement
30:47 Thesis-driven Discovery Team @ Social Capital
38:52 The role of transportation in shaping cities
45:47 Suburban vs Urban life
53:13 Sidewalk Labs in Toronto
1:00:11 Chief Resilience Officers in Cities
1:03:03 Alex & his interest in Biology
1:11:28 The Organization Man
1:18:58 What has Alex learned from Chamath Palihapitiya
1:22:05 Alex's writing advice
1:25:02 Ways to Think About Water