David Perell
David Perell

We help founders and CEOs communicate their vision, build audiences, and turn content into acquisition channels.

The internet has changed the playing field.

It rewards transparent, mission-driven brands. To succeed on the internet, you should personify your brand and communicate your vision. Stand for something. 

Invest in direct relationships with customers. By doing so, you’ll depend less on traditional advertising and control your most important relationships. You’ll expand your reach and unlock a treasure trove of opportunity. 

 Interviewing Neil deGrasse Tyson

Interviewing Neil deGrasse Tyson

North Star Media can unlock your vision through candid interviews. Inspired by our conversations, we define specific needs, dissect challenges and address them — at internet speed.

From there, we’ll create content — articles, podcasts and creative social messaging — designed to grow your audience, build trust, and showcase your expertise.

Then we’ll conduct a strategy session. We’ll focus on the ideas you want to be known for, the topics you want to focus on, and the people you want to reach. From there, we’ll develop a detailed content plan and build an editorial calendar. We’ll analyze your current marketing strategy and develop a strategic plan to improve it.

All this work is project-based.

Content Creation

Great brands are built on trust. Brands become authorities in their niche by sharing ideas openly, educating customers, and building a network around them. Customers come for the content and stay for the product.

The best part: you can do this too.

As competition increases, owning the customer relationship will become paramount. Doing so has immense benefits, such as exclusive access to customer data. Successful brands use insights to optimize their marketing channels, stay ahead of industry trends and see what’s next.

Content helps your brand stay top-of-mind. Loyal, invested readers increase serendipity and accelerate growth. Engaged customers will be more likely to make a purchase or recommend your brand to their friends.

Content creation doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. Our team of experts will turn your company into a content machine. Each piece of content will work in harmony to accelerate your company’s growth and establish credibility.



We specialize in evergreen article production. That way, articles generate traffic for years and years. We’ll help you plan, produce, and promote and track every article blog post so you can establish your online  footprint.

This creative investment fosters a network effect, which creates exponential value over time.

Overtime, this content transforms into a library of ideas. We’ll remix all that content and launch additional projects, such as building your email list, growing your social media following, and launching educational courses.



Podcasts build relationships. Beyond showcasing your firm’s expertise, they bring key decision makers into your company’s ecosystem.

With the podcast, you’ll reach a critical mass where most of your guests will come through referrals, not cold outreach. We’ll share our secrets with you and help you book top guests.

In addition to podcast production, we’ll boost distribution with full episode transcripts and short articles inspired by every episode. These will increase search engine visibility and bring people to your website.



Search engines drive over half of all web traffic. SEO is more important than ever. Social media advertising is becoming more expensive. 

Our SEO strategy will take your website from thousands to hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. If an article gets ranked, Google will send you extra traffic for months… for free. Publishing regularly increases your likelihood of ranking high in Google search.

If you get ranked on Google, you win.

How We Work

Our team will work with you at every step. We’ll create original content, develop a social media strategy, and provide weekly updates. And of course, we’ll answer any questions you have along the way. 

The North Star Media “Building Your Brand” package has a three-month minimum retainer.

This will give us ample time to measure results and gauge the effectiveness of our efforts. Then, we can fine tune your strategy for even greater success.

We also offer strategy consulting sessions and workshops.

If necessary, we can provide additional services including social media consulting, video creation and production, website enhancements and copywriting, email communications, and more. 

Whatever you need to grow your brand, North Star Media will make it happen.  

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