David Perell
David Perell

I help founders and CEOs communicate their vision and realize their dreams. My favorite clients work in business, technology, sports, or health. 

When people ask me what I want out of life, I always give the same answer: “High energy, joy, and a zest for life.”

I try to bring this energy to every North Star Podcast. After almost every interview, the guest says: “that was tons of fun and wow, I said so many things that I’ve never thought of before.” Yes! I live for that. 

Interviewing Neil deGrasse Tyson

Interviewing Neil deGrasse Tyson

My passion for interviews extends to my work, beyond the podcast.

Living in New York, I’m constantly inspired by the dreams of the people who surround me. But then — and many of my peers feel the same way — I’m unable to find companies that inspire me.

Brands don’t know how to use social media to connect with people. They’re unable to communicate their perspective or their point-of-view, especially on social media where the brand building equation has changed. Through candid interviews with founders, I'm able to unlock their vision and the meaning behind it. Together, and inspired by our conversation, we define specific needs, dissect problems, and address them together — at internet speed.

All this work is project-based.

Social media rewards targeted and transparent brands that people feel a connection to. These companies inspire and engage customers on an ongoing basis. I call these "Naked Brands."


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