David Perell
David Perell

David perell

10 Second Bio

Host the North Star Podcast, a collection of conversations with the world's greatest minds.

Work with large and small brands who want to connect with digital natives through media and technology.

Write and vlog about the future of work, society and technology. 

San Francisco native. Living in New York.

Graduate of Elon University.

Voracious reader. Favorite book is When Breath Becomes Air. Favorite blogs are Stratechery and Ribbonfarm

The people who've shaped my worldview: Ben Thompson, James Allworth, Venkatesh Rao, Nassim Taleb, and Seth Godin.


Work Experience

Cycle 🚲

Intent Media 💻

Skift ✈️

Elon Local News 📺

Elon Phoenix Weekly ⚾

Top Performance Golf 🏌


Connect with Me


Email: david@perell.com